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Peter Kypri, the guy behind Cypriot Smurf, on why he loves to make people laugh

Born in England, living in Cyprus, Peter Kypri better known as comedian Cypriot Smurf and his alter ego Souvlaki, has been making people laugh with his videos about Cypriot and Greek stereotypes.

Cypriot Smurf says his dream is to make people laugh for a living

These funny videos are presented and produced by ‘Cypriot Smurf’ and today we have a chat with Peter Kypri, the guy behind these hilarious skits which have gained him thousands upon thousands of followers worldwide who can’t wait for the next one!

Meet Cypriot Smurf: the story behind the fake moustaki

The 32-year-old is now on his first Australian tour, performing live sold out shows to his devoted Australian fans in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.


Основная задача – встретиться с кенгуру, коалой и, конечно же, симпатичными австралийками, которых Сувлакис собирается поразить своей волнительной волосатой грудью.

«Cypriot Smurf» από τη Λάρνακα στην Αυστραλία με γέλιο!

Ένας κωμικός από την Λάρνακα, με το ψευδώνυμο «Cypriot Smurf» ετοιμάζεται για εμφανίσεις στην Αυστραλία και το SkalaTimes κουβεντιάζει μαζί του.Πιο κάτω η κουβέντα που είχαμε με τον Peter Leandro Kypri.

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